Windsong Midwifery, LLC
"The Birth Place"

Welcome  to Windsong Midwifery and "The Birth Place", the Valley’s newest freestanding birth center! We are located in the Wasilla business Park across from Nunley Park at 231 East Swanson Avenue. We invite you to come in and meet our staff and take a tour of our facility. We also offer free pregnancy testing and/or baby heart tone checks. You can help yourself to nutritional handouts and information on the Midwifery Model of Care, and purchase excellent vitamins and supplements. We will gladly answer your questions about giving birth in our birth center or in your home.


Owner Debby Schneider, CDM, MICP

Meet the Midwives

It is well documented that out-of-hospital birth attended by a trained midwife is equally as safe as birth in hospital. The national percentage of births which happen outside of hospitals is 3%. Here in the Valley, families are choosing midwife attended birth in birth centers or homebirth at a phenomenal 26%!

Birth Center

   What are some advantages that you can look forward to in birthing with us?

First, midwife means ‘with woman’. That means that at the time you give birth, you will be with women who know you well, not with strangers. The same midwives are with you throughout labor and delivery, not just to catch the baby. Mothers can eat, drink, walk, squat - do whatever their bodies tell them. Labors are shorter if you feel relaxed and can work with your body.

You may choose to labor in a deep, jetted tub or in the shower. Some women choose to birth in the water. In our practice we have affectionately coined the phrase ‘aquadural’, referring to the relief women feel laboring in deep water. Being submerged in water is not only soothing but greatly reduces the pain of labor and birth.

You are far less likely to need a cesarean when you birth with midwives. The average c-section rate is 3% with midwives attending births versus higher than 25% in some hospitals. Involvement by the family is encouraged. The mother can have whomever she chooses with her. The importance of the birth experience for the baby and the need for uninterrupted contact with the mother are recognized. You and your baby are never separated. The midwives are here to serve you. They are skilled in normal techniques to assist your labor and birth and experienced in emergency procedures as well.

We provide comprehensive maternity care, including lab work and ordering ultrasounds. You are likely to find our care relaxed and educational. Childbirth classes are available for those who need them. Your family is welcome to come to clinic with you. Our scope of care covers low risk pregnancy and childbirth. We view pregnancy and birth as a state of health and work cooperatively with you for the most memorable event of your life. Come see for yourself why women are opting for the safe, personalized care we offer.

We accept all payment types and will bill insurance and Medicaid/Denali Kid Care.

We look forward to serving you and greeting your new baby!

231 East Swanson Avenue
Wasilla, AK 99654